Ibogaine Treatment With Us

The first step to receiving treatment with us is to fill out our application. We are also available by email and by phone at (303) 747-7560. Feel free to call or email with any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Next you will be asked to get some tests done; a ten lead ekg and a liver panel. These can usually be performed by your primary healthcare provider or for a reasonable fee at a walk-in clinic.

Those seeking treatment for addictions should contact us. Each individual addict has special physical and emotional requirements and lots of communication with us will be needed as you approach your ibogaine treatment.

If your treatment is arranged to occur in San Pancho you will need to obtain a passport for entry into Mexico. You will fly into Puerto Vallarta and we will pick you up and drive you north to San Pancho, a little Mexican beach town with some excellent surprises. There are lots of international travelers here, an amazing little warehouse-turned-community-center, and the usual vibrant , colorful spirit of the Mexican people is here. Ocean breezes and perfect temperatures make the whole process smoother. It’s a good place to rediscover and reinvent yourself, to practice the daily observance of patience and change.

You will receive a physical from a doctor, who is familiar with the physical demands of ibogaine therapy, and be well fed and hydrated for a few days of preparation, before beginning your treatment. Our treatment philosophy is that the answers you seek are within you, and that iboga can help you. Once preparation, nutrition, and screening has been done to ensure your safety, the real work will begin between you and the medicine. This is a very old and special process of healing and each treatment is wholly individual. We will be of service in whatever reasonable capacity you request. Our job is to keep you as safe as possible during this healing process, and to be attentive if need arises. After your treatment is completed and you are ready to get out into the world, you will move to our aftercare spot, a few blocks away from the treatment house. Here you will have a chance to integrate your experience, heal up, and go on planned outings to the beautiful surrounding areas, all in good company that has been through treatment and can be supportive to your healing process.

How much does treatment cost?
Our services are offered on a sliding scale, starting at $2700 for a two week stay. Reasonable offers will be considered.